We are a small, client-centered law firm. Learn about us. 

We're focused.

We work with small business owners and nonprofits to help them realize their goals.  

Our clients include physical therapists, dentists, yoga studios, social workers, CrossFit gyms, nutritionists, nurse practitioners, and physicians.  We've worked with women's health, poverty, and educational nonprofits.  We stay focused on a few types of clients so we can stay apprised of legal changes that affect you.

We communicate.

Your case? We're on it.

We communicate clearly, charge transparent fees, and remain accessible to you.  We'll update you regularly, and you can e-mail or call us anytime.  Starting and managing a business can be stressful, and we ensure that you feel supported. 

We'll handle this.

Connections are the lifeblood of many small businesses and nonprofits.

Whenever a legal issue arises with your organization, you can make us your first point-of-contact.  If it's something that we can handle, then we will discuss with you how to proceed.  If it's not something we do, we will provide you with prompt referrals to someone who can help.  We work hard to connect with other small businesses to ensure that we have a robust and vetted network of professionals to call.