Trump warns: The ACA is in "serious trouble," "death spiral"

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted that the Affordable Care Act would collapse without new funding.  A subsequent tweet suggested that its survival depends upon Congressional Democrats funding his proposed wall on the Mexican border (1).

ACA trump tweet.PNG

Sunday was his 101st day in office – one day after he hit the "100 day mark," a presidential milestone that’s been marked since the 1930s. (3)  During their early presidencies, presidents typically enjoy a period of public goodwill during which they aim to begin passing their major legislative achievements. (3) Most, including Trump, lay outs ambitious agendas for that period. (3) After doing so, however, and then seeing many of his initial legislative efforts fail while his poll numbers sink, Trump recently ridiculed the 100-day mark as arbitrary and meaningless. (3)

While he initially aimed to repeal and replace the ACA early in his presidency, the failure of the GOP's ACHA to garner strong support has led him to repeatedly assail the landmark law that's insured millions.  A few recent and foreboding tweets included:

What does 100 days mean for the ACA?  The timing of Trump’s tweets coincided with Congressional members’ push to find common ground on government spending priorities. (4)  Congress must pass a spending bill by Friday or face a government shutdown. (4) Trump’s focus has remained on his border wall, while Democrats hope to expand the reach of the ACA’s subsidies and coverage. (4)  As Congress works to find areas of compromise, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the president will be "insistent" on border wall funding. (4)

The Democrats, however, remain unwavering in their commitment to funding the ACA, and their leaders have issued some tweets of their own:

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