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You have a great idea and have begun developing it to prep for launch. You know that you'll be more attractive to venture capitalists if you have your ducks in a row. So what does that mean? 

Protect your intellectual property.
Your intellectual property includes both your technology and all of the brainpower that went into creating the technology: algorithms, tried-and-failed trial runs of earlier renditions of your programs, your artwork, your marketing strategy, your fundraising strategy, and your logo.  And if you have plans for growth into a related sphere, you want to protect those future plans too.  For example, if you created the QuickChat app to allow doctors and patients to chat remotely, but you eventually plan to open physical QuickClinic locations where patients can be seen rapidly by a nurse, then you need to consider how you can best protect your QuickChat and QuickClinic concepts, names, and brands.

Evaluate whether you can break into the insurance market.
If you can get your service or app covered by an insurance company, it will exponentially grow the number of potential users. For example, if you have created a new video chat portal to be used between providers and patients, convincing a major insurer to use your technology for their 24/7 Nurse Hotline service would be fantastic.  In many cases, however, an insurance company's decision to cover a new tech product will depend upon the state's laws and regulations concerning telehealth. For example, if your new app allows for remote blood pressure monitoring but your state doesn't require insurers to cover telehealth services, that's crucial information to know before you bring your product to market or seek investors.

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Form the appropriate corporate entity (corporation or LLC)