Opening your own practice is a big step, so we aim to make it less stressful. We offer fixed-fee services that allow you to keep costs predictable while limiting your risk and ensuring compliance with the applicable laws. Our initial consultation is always free, so if you're curious, just reach out.

HIPAA governs even the smallest practices.

Stop stressing! We are familiar with the detailed requirements of HIPAA and Illinois' patient privacy laws. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the requirements imposed upon you, we can craft a policy manual that's easy to use, reference, and implement. Plus, we offer in-office trainings to ensure you feel supported.

Check out our recent blog post about HIPAA compliance for solo practice LCSWs:


Other issues we commonly address for LCSWs include:

  • Crafting a written agreement among colleagues who own separate practices but provide vacation "coverage" for the other(s)
  • Providing guidance as to when a patient's conduct must be reported to law enforcement
  • Explaining how an LCSW's privacy obligations interplay with mandatory reporting requirements
  • Specifying the degree to which minor patients' parents/guardians may request or review their children's records
  • Offering guidance about the legal and ethical benefits and risks of maintaining a home-based office

We also partner with psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals to address concerns like:

  • Crafting appropriate employment and payment arrangements with post-docs
  • Structuring privacy policies that are reflective of individual practices' independent contractor arrangements, minor patient populations, and educational program requirements
  • Providing guidance on corporate governance issues, including practice ownership, mergers, and management
  • Advising as to which providers can supervise which categories of providers, and ensuring that professionals' practice acts are not violated by corporate structures or practices
  • Creating informed consent policies for providers who are consulting on a patient's case but not personally treating that patient