Often, we find that our clients have needs outside the realm of "health law."  They may have questions about their businesses, are called to testify in an MVA case, or a one of their patients may have a legal problem affecting their care.  These are some of the many issues we can help address.

Provide A to Z real estate services.

Draft purchase, sale, or lease agreements. 
Identify your property-related insurance needs.
Respond to claims of property damage or lease violations.

Secure small business financing.

Prepare U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan applications. 
Identify minority or woman-owned business financing sources.


Draft employee policies and procedures.
Draft employee or independent contractor agreements.
Draft employment termination and release agreements.
Draft nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements.
Draft noncompete employment agreements.
Analyze a noncompete agreement in your existing employment contract.
Handle allegations of workplace discrimination or harassment. 

Patient Advocacy

Appeal a health insurer's adverse coverage determination.
Obtain recourse for a provider's HIPAA breach.
Pursue legal immigration status if they were faced with persecution or lacked access to medical care in their country of origin.
Help a transgender patient correct their identity documents and legal records.
Create a living will or advanced healthcare directive.
Help a patient negotiate the settlement of an outstanding healthcare financial balance.
Help an HIV-positive patient combat refusals-to-treat by medical providers.